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My Pug Whelping Supplies List
a puppy warming box, along with my ac/dc converter to pug the heating pad into my power outlet in the car. I store
a puppy warming box, along with my ac/dc converter to pug the heating pad into my power outlet in the car. I store
everything in Rubbermaid type containers between litters, and have extras to loan to friends.
everything in Rubbermaid type containers between litters, and have extras to loan to friends.

This list is quite extensive and you may not need to use every item on it.  I've explained my usage of everything.  I
hope you find it useful.

Whelping Kit   
I place all these supplies in trays and in drawers of the puppy care desk and whelping supply cart.  

Ear Thermometer Covers: Plastic covers to protect the ear thermometer from being soiled.
Alcohol Wipes: To clean thermometer or other supplies.
Petroleum Jelly (Vasoline): For lubricating the digital thermometer.
Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol: I use to soak hemostats and scissors between whelps.
Coffee Mug: Pour alcohol in and add hemostats and scissors between whelps.
CalSorb: Calcium in gel form that enters the bloodstream within seconds if put into the girl's mouth Used to
strengthen contractions during second stage of labor.
NutriCal: Give some to bitch during labor to keep up her blood sugar level. Also use to mix with CalSorb.
Can Of Evaporated Milk: Give cold to bitch during labor if she’ll take it to keep up her blood sugar level
(Protein & Calcium)
Vanilla Ice Cream: Give to bitch, or eat it yourself.
Tapioca Pudding: Ditto!
Smallest Rubbermaid Container: For mixing CalSorb and NutriCal
6cc Syringe: For giving CalSorb & NutriCal mixture to mom.
Oxytocin: To give per vet’s instructions to help time contractions and/or as a clean out shot. Helps bring in
mother’s milk. Use micro doses (i.e. Pugs 0.2 ml/cc) only!!!
Full Oxygen Tanks: Large one for puppy room, small one for the car
Tank Regulator: To regulate and deliver oxygen
Oxygen Tubing: To transfer oxygen from regulator to puppy or mother
Pipe Wrench: To attach regulator to tank
Mucus Traps: This gets the mucus out of a puppy with clogged airways quickly and efficiently
Dopram: Give per vet’s instructions to hard to start pups. (i.e. one drop under the tongue)
5 ½” & 6 ½” Straight Locking Hemostats: For clamping umbilical cords before cutting.  Leave forceps on
for few minutes to minimize bleeding from stump. I use the 6” size to clamp on the cords below the vulva, when
the placenta isn’t delivered with the pup. The 5 ½” size to clamp close to the pup. I will cut the cord and leave the
small clamp on the pup until I have the puppy going and nice a pink a squealing.
Children's Safety Scissors: To cut and trim umbilical cords. These scissors should not be too sharp or
they could cause the cord to bleed.
Dental Floss: I use the unwaxed kind. I tie lengths of floss in loops and place in a zip lock bag. The loops
are doubled over and tied as close to the puppy's body as possible.
Bulb Syringes: For removing amniotic fluid from the puppy's nose and throat. I use the small ones for
whelping but get several and the larger size for older pups that choke on their milk. I keep one close at hand
whenever pups are nursing.
Tincture of Iodine: Helps in drying out umbilical cords. Use twice daily on cords until they fall off and
continue to use on umbilical site for one more day.  You can get the decolorized kind so it doesn't stain fabric.
Latex Gloves: Apply gloves before reaching in to pull out stuck puppies.
K-Y Jelly: For general lubrication (gloves) or apply around stuck puppy if birth canal is dry.
35cc Syringe With Size 8 Feeding Tube: Fill with KY and attach feeding tube for using to get a stuck
pup out. (insert past pup if possible)
Hand Towels, or Surgical Towels: For reviving (rubbing) and drying off newborns.
Large Incontinence Pads: I use these pads to whelp on.  Because they have waterproof backs, they make
cleaning up easier.  You can also use them under the fleece in the whelping box after the whelping is over.  
 Cotton Balls/Cosmetic pads: For cleaning puppy bottoms if mom won’t.
Baby Oil: For soaking cotton balls and/or cosmetic pads to reduce chaffing on bottoms.
Emergency Whelping Kit *: Put in car for emergency whelping on the way to the vet clinic. (See Content
List below.)
Digital Kitchen Scales: To weigh newborns.
Nail Polish In Six Unique Colors: To uniquely identify pups for weight monitoring.
Zip Lock Bags - Small and Large: For storing small things.
Water Cup/Dish: For momma.  
Snuggle Safes & Thermal Bag: Can be heated & used if impending power outage for heat.
Misc. Fasteners: I keep a bag of snaps, hand clamps (all sizes), blanket pins (diaper pins) and binder clips
on hand.  I use them to fasten everything from blankets, to paperwork and personal reminders.  Start collecting
them now --they come in handy.
Two Puppy Warming Boxes: This is the box you use to place newborns in. I use a Rubbermaid type under
bed storage box with a clear lid. Drill holes in the lid, and get the type that has a top that latches on for the most
security. Put one box in the car along with
Emergency Whelping Kit * (See content list below).
Large Heating Pad: Place in between whelping towels to keep them warm.
Two Small Heating Pads: Place on top of a towel in the Puppy Warming Box at one end. I make sure the
warming box ready and turned on with a digital thermometer as soon as we’re getting close.
 Old Bath Towels: Placed on the side of the desk where I put the warming box,  so I can set the box on the
towel, and to cover the crate pad.
Size 400 Crate Pads: I put one in the Perla Bed and drape with a washable large incontinence pad. When it
gets close, I use the large disposable ones over the washable one to try to contain the biggest part of the mess.
 Pillow cases: I use these to cover a crate pad that I put on the small desk I use to care for the newborns.
Small fleece bumper type crate pads: I use these inside the puppy warming box, on top of the heating
Dish towels: I use these to cover the top of the crate pad, to wisk away the urine and help keep the pups
dry. I also can change them whenever they’re soiled.
Hand towels: I use these for all sorts of things after the whelping. I roll them and add them to any space
around the outside of the warming box, I drape part of the box top if I need to, like when using oxygen. I also use
them as props when tiny pups are nursing.
Old bag of Lactated Ringers: I wrap in a hand towel after warming in the microwave to act as a heat
source for the newborns to snuggle up to whenever mom isn't with them. They like to lay on it the first few days.
(A water bed of sorts.) I also use it to tuck a syringe of formula in a zip lock (Tube attached), to warm the
formula for a pup that is being tube fed or supplemented. I already know how warm it is under there, since I keep
a digital thermometer with it, so I know it’s heated to the right temp. I can do this ahead of time, and if I don’t
have time, I use a glass of hot water with a meat thermometer in it. But, the covered warm lactated ringers bag is
great for preemies, wet newborns,  and singletons!.      
Whelping Box: I use a medium size Perla Bed in a 3'X 3' puppy pen, with the floor raised, thoroughly
cleaned with disinfectant and hot water.
50.      a.
3’ x 3’ Puppy Pen: I put the pans in top of the wires, add some pieces of 2” x 4” wood, a piece of siding
my hubby cut a hole in for the Scott’s whelping Nest.
50.      b.
Scott’s Whelping Nest: I put the Whelping Nest in the puppy pen, and run the cord. Set the thermostat
and leave it turned off. (NOTE: If you unplug them you need to recalibrate the temperature when you plug it back
50.      c.
Baby Crib Bumper Pad: I then use a baby crib bumper pad around the inside walls.
50.      d.
Flannel Sheet: I drape the whole thing with a flannel sheet.
50.      e.
Diaper Pins: I use baby diaper pins to keep the sheet in place, pinning it to the outside.
50.      f. Washable Under/Piddle Pad: I lay a large 3’ x 3’ washable unde/piddle pad in there.
50.      g.
Perla Bed: I add a Perla Bed (medium for a Pug).
50.      h.
Crate Pad with pillow case: I put a big comfy crate pad inside a pillow case, inside the Perla bed, inside
the 3 x 3.
50.      i.
Washable Piddle Pad: I cover the Perla Bed and crate pad with another washable piddle pad
50.      j.
Disposable Under/Puppy Pads: I keep a supply of disposable under/puppy pads near by to slip under
the bitch as her time nears and between pups.
Digital meat thermometer or reptile thermometer: I use the digital reptile one monitor the temp in the
warming box, and when needed. The meat one is great for checking the temp of the warm water for making sure
temp of formula or mother's milk for tube feeding.
Chair: I keep a chair between the puppy pen/whelping box & the desk where I work on the pups.
Grooming Apron or Scrubs Smock: I have a nice cotton one that has pockets for bulb syringe, hemostats,
baby scissors, NutriCal, etc..
Misc. Fleece, Wash Cloths & Receiving Blankets: I keep and use misc. pieces on hand for various uses.

* Emergency Whelping Kit Content List:
1)  DC/AC Converter to plug into car's Power Outlet or Cigarette Lighter socket.
2)  Puppy Warming Box with Small Heating Pad
3)  Pad or fleece for warming box to put on top of the heating pad for puppies to lay on
4)  Extra clean fleece, several hand towels, wash cloths, two large bath towels.
5)  Hemostats
6)  Coffee Mug
7)  Rubbing Alcohol
8)  Vaseline
9)  Trash Bags, Paper Towels, and Disposable Pads
10) Pieces of Dental Floss

Lactating Bitch Care Supplies
1.       Fernigreek Seed Extract: Liquid Botanical use to bring milk in, or strength milk supply, immediate
Frozen Fresh Liver: Broth from boiled liver is a must for a fading Pup. Also good for mom in small amounts.
Can cause loose stools
Cottage Cheese: Add to mom’s food for extra calcium & to help loose stools.
Tapioca Pudding: Give to mom for extra calcium.
Vanilla Ice Cream: Give to mom for extra calcium.
 PetCal or TUMS Tablets: Give to mom for extra calcium.

Puppy Care
1.       Fresh Frozen Canine Plasma: For antibodies when pups cannot get colostrum within the first 12 hours after
 Infant Colace gel caps, lactated  Ringers, Size 5 feeding tube, 6cc syringe, and smallest
Rubbermaid container:
For making and applying a puppy enema.
Baby suppositories: For constipated older pup.
Albon 5% Solution: Per vet’s instructions.
Amoxi/Chephi drops: Per vet's instructions.
Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment: For sore puppy bottoms.

Misc. Medical Supplies
1.        Neosporin: Medical use, as needed.
Sizes 1cc, 3cc, 6cc, 12cc, 20cc, and 35cc syringes: Locking for use with needles & slip tip for other
Size 23 x 3/4" needles: For mom medications.
Size 25 x 1/2" needles: For puppy medications.
Amoxi/Cephalexin capsules: For use per vet’s instructions (If giving an antibiotic to either mom, or puppies,
or both, all should also receive live cultured yogurt as well.)
Artificial tears: Medical use, as needed.
Terrimyacin: Medical use, as needed.

Puppy Feeding Supplies  
I prefer to use mother’s milk if possible. If not, I use Espilac Goat's Milk Prepard Puppy Formula.  In any case,
have some formula, on hand BEFORE the whelping.

Whole Fat Plain, or Vanilla, Live Cultured Yogurt: If you can not get whole fat yogurt. I use Darigold, or
Activia, since these have the best range of active cultures available in my area.
Pedialyte (PLAIN): As directed.
French Feeding Tubes (3’s, 5’s & 8’s): For tube feeding. I prefer the clear ones with the blue
measurement markings.
3cc, 6cc, 12cc & 20 cc Syringes (Slip Tip): For tube feeding.
Small Rubbermaid Containers: For storing and freezing formula or breast milk

1.       Baby Wipes: Cleaning.
Paper Towel: Cleaning.
Small Trash Bags, Large Trash Bags: Small trash bags for heavily soiled disposals. Large trash bags for
everything else.
Handi-Wipes: For small clean-ups or use on hands.
Clorox Wipes: To clean all surfaces before use. May also be used on hands.
spray bottle of disinfectant (I use diluted Clorox Cleanup): For cleaning floor of whelping area and whelping box.
Laundry Hamper Lined With A Trash Bag: For soiled linen.
Trash Can: For trash disposal
Needle container (for disposal): For needle disposal

Additional Supplies (Misc. Stuff)
1.       Cordless Phone: Preprogrammed with Vet’s number, Emergency Vet hospital, Whelping buddies, and dog
sitter’s numbers.
Alarm Clock: For timing contractions, time spent nursing, and to set for next feeding, which I must
Whelping Forms/Notebook & Pen: Place these in a small binder or on a clipboard.
For the Humans: Video tapes, books, food/snacks, coffee.
Whelping Information: Your favorite books should be close at hand.  Hopefully you won't need them, but
having them there is always a comfort.

More will be added as I think of it, or experience its use.